A new year for renewed energy

Isn’t is amazing how everyday life seems to get in the way of, well, everyday life? You have good intentions to accomplish something and then something else steps in the way and the first task becomes an afterthought. Well, no more. This year will be different.

When I started back to work, it was to have a bit more money available to help out my children who were starting to live life on their own. To be able to help out with unexpected expenses or to meet their needs which they might not be able to meet on their own. And the extra funds have come in handy. My oldest and his wife have welcomed a new son; my first grandchild and my daughter-in-law and the baby have moved in with my husband and I while her husband is serving in Kuwait. The extra money has definitely come in handy… I have a new grandson I feel the need to spoil and with the extra bodies at the house, utilities and other necessities have increased as well.

But, it’s come at a price; a hefty price. I have to readjust myself, reschedule my time, reorganize my life and re-prioritize my goals to make everything meet at the proper adjoining crossroads. The point where I accomplish and meet my responsibilities and obligations but at the same time leave a bit of breathing room for myself – to find time to re-energize myself, to accomplish the goals I have laid out and time to just do something for me.

This year WILL be different.

This year, I WILL concentrate on my schooling and finish my classes on time.

This year, I WILL work on the mystery of the murders of my family members who have waited for more than 70 years for their story to be told.

This year, I WILL work on my genealogy and family trees; to research, answer questions and connect missing pieces.

This year, I WILL blog more often and document the untold stories of those I uncover.

This year, I WILL accomplish my New Year’s resolution of helping at least 12 people and organizations, both through my time and money.

This this year, I WILL take time for myself; to do the things that I love to do. To help the people I love and those I don’t know.

And this year, I WILL have a life worth living and not just live a life.

This year, I WILL take the time to do more for me




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