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Welcome to Family Heirlooms! A blog about my search for the questions and answers of my paternal and maternal lines of ancestors. In sharing my quest, I hope to tell family members of our ancestors rich history – their lives, families, homes, occupations and contributions to the world. It is my hope that future generations will be inspired to learn from whence they came from and perhaps answer a question or two about themselves.

Family history is very important to me.  You have to know where you come from to understand where you belong.  For me, part of that learning takes place in the Ohio/Indiana/Kentucky border area searching for GUARD, BREEDEN, RACE, WINTERS, CREACH, BRAMLETT and TROWBRIDGE to name a few.  My mom’s family helped settled that area shortly after the American Revolution  to become one of the most influential pioneering families of the time. There is so much history there and I have learned much, and yet there are still tons left to learn.  It will take years, but it is a task I relish.

On my father’s side, the journey takes me to Bermuda, England, India, the Azores, Switzerland, Australia and South Africa searching for PANCHAUD, TATEM, MELLO, MILES and CLOUGH. We are truly an international family and it’s amazing to learn of the places where my ancestors lived and how they migrated before the convenience and ease of modern travel. Their stories beckon me to delve into their past and close the divide of time to ensure their legacy lives on in their descendants and so we all know where we came from and the significance of the names we carry.

Be sure to check out each of the links at the top for stories pertaining to those catagories. In Genealogy Tidbits, that’s exactly what you’ll find… little gems and stories on why we research our family and how to go about starting if your a newbie. In Genealogical Gems, you’ll find stories, pictures and misc. information of the treasures of our hidden past. Documents, family Bibles and lost photos all have a story to tell and here is where you can read about them. Be sure to check out the section of Misc. Newspaper Articles from various local newspapers of long ago and my newest section of Cemeteries. Here you can read about the names you find in long, forgotten cemeteries – where they become more than just words on a piece of stone but instead flesh and blood once more when we remember them. I hope you enjoy your journey and thanks for stopping by…

The measure of one’s character is not what they get from their ancestors, but what they leave their descendants. – unknown

I am a mother, daughter, sister, grandmother, wife, retired Sailor, and volunteer but not necessarily in that order.  I was born in the US but raised in two countries. I come from a very international family and also a founding family. I am a first born first generation American but I am also proud to be included in the seventh generation. I am a product of the US melting pot.

I have been researching my family history for about 18 years now, catching the bug around the time my youngest son was born. My journey thus far has been incredible. The documents I uncover, the truths and stories revealed, each add a layer of authenticity and purpose to my life. I have discovered the final resting place of my fifth-great grandfather, Alexander GUARD, a revolutionary soldier born in New Jersey. He, along with his family and the Hayes, traveled down the Ohio River from Pennsylvania to settle in the area known now as Dearborn County, Indiana.

I love the thrill of the hunt… I read tons of Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys when I was younger and I guess I feel like a sleuth when I dig, uncover and research long forgotten memories.  I hope you enjoy my findings and perhaps feel a bit inclined to start searching your own line.


6 responses to “About Me

  • Deedee Luttrell

    Hi! I’m in Oberlin, Ohio this weekend visiting my son. On the way up from Maryland, my sister and I went to Geneva where our father was born. We found the cemetary where our relatives are buried, including our great grandmother Annie Perrin (Fannie’s sister) and grandmother Lettie Randall, her daughter. I wanted to get some additional information on Louisa Parfitt our great great grandmother, so I googled and found your wonderful blog! I was so excited to read this, I could hardly sleep. Has anyone claimed the family bible? Wondering if we have cousins! It was so delightful to read all of the data you compiled and I really appreciate it. You may find of interest that my sister’s husband is a genealogist working on his family history and he finds family bibles in antique stores and reunites them to their families too. Our Uncle Dale Randall recently gave my sister a portrait of Louisa Parfitt! He also published a book from Annie’s diaries called “A Soliloquy of a Farmers Wife.” If no one has claimed the bible, are you interested in parting with it? Thanks again! Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Deedee Randall Luttrell

  • Frank Bauer

    I attended the Agrue funeral in Lawrenceburg Indiana in 1941. I have photos of the graves and know some of the basic information. I was almost 6 years old – but have vivid memories of the funeral at Moon Funeral Home and the burial at Riverview cemetery. I was much too young to be exposed to this kind of violence. I have recent photos of the grave site and also the grave of Virginius Carter (Dink) – the perpetrator of this tragedy. I recall being in the house at the auction sale at the crime scene later on. My grand mother bought the almost new “cream seperator and I recall seeing an easter basket in the bedroom used by little Mary. I stood on the exact spot where she fell. This event had affected my life in many ways.
    Frank Bauer

  • Sheila Holcomb

    I grew up in Dearborn County in Indiana, and remember my parents and grandmother talking about this, It was the first violent event I had ever heard of, and it deeply affected me,

  • pande2012

    I, too, am a Gard/Guard descendant. Your Alexander was a brother to my ancestor, John Gard, Sr. (both sons of Jeremiah Gard, b. 1717). I recently posted a blog about their brother Daniel, a wounded warrior of the American Revolution on the Kith and Kin Chronicles http://kithandkinchronicles.blogspot.com and am currently working on one about the Gards involved in the forges of Morris County, NJ. I’m glad to run across your blog which should help me flesh out my knowledge of Alexander and his descendants.
    Eileen Gard Cunningham

  • Mark Subel


    I’m reaching out to let you know that Family Heirlooms is featured on our latest blog post and new infographic “14 Genealogy Blogs You Might Not Be Reading But Should”: http://crestleaf.com/blog/14-genealogy-blogs-you-should-be-reading/

    Congratulations! We’ve really enjoyed reading some of your posts on your discoveries and your unique take of the genealogy industry. If this is something you’d like to share with your readers, I can send the infographic to you directly. Just let me know! .

    Thanks. And keep up the great work.

    Kind Regards,

    Mark Subel
    Chief Digital Officer
    Twitter: @Crestleaf
    Our Blog: Crestleaf.com/Blog
    About Us: Crestleaf.com is a free online family tree builder that has been used by tens of thousands of people to document their family history. Along with the family tree tool, we provide free access to 90 Million+ historical records.

  • Vikki

    Hello there, I found your blog by googling Marie Charlotte PANCHAUD my 3rd great grandmother. I am hoping that I might find out something about her family. I believe she was born around 1811 in Switzerland and married an Englishman Henry LOVETT and moved to Chertsey in the UK. I am very inexperienced with genealogical research but would love to know if you have any connections or if you could provide me with any further information as it looks like you are very experienced in geneology. I see that you have a picture of Dimboola up on your blog. I visited there many years ago, having lived in Victoria. My partner used to live there for a short while also. I currently live in Rockhampton, Central Queensland, Australia. Thank you for your wonderful blog.

    Vikki Bendle

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