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One day last week, I came home to an email which said I needed to moderate a comment on my blog. It was a comment left by Mark Subel, the chief digital officer of Crestleaf.com, informing me that my blog, FamilyHeirlooms had been selected as a must read for up and coming genealogy blogs. Talk about feeling amazed and honored!

I’ve always loved to write and when I started my genealogy blog, it was really just a venue for me to write the stories of the ancestors I discovered in my daily family history search. Truth be told, they don’t even have to be my ancestors. I often write stories on a headstone that “speaks” to me as I walk through cemeteries or search for “lost” family Bibles and photographs which have identifying info on them and then research the names I come across in the hopes of reuniting the lost artifact with family once again and I’ve been very lucky to have been able to reconnect lost family treasures with their rightful families.

I’ve never considered that my blog might be something that other people would enjoy reading, but I am blessed and grateful to know that there are people, other than my family and friends, who enjoy my stories.

Thank you to Crestleaf.com for the shout out and support and thank you to my followers for coming with me as I navigate throughout history, discovering one ancestor at a time.




Mass Murder in Dearborn County, Ind.

Genealogy is the hunt for the unknown. And when you search and seek answers to questions long quieted, you have to be prepared for the unexpected. We all have skeletons.

For years I’ve heard stories of my Uncle Oakley’s daughter being murdered. My mom and Aunt Jean used to tell me that it was so famous, there even was a song made about it.  But that’s all they could tell me. Apparently, no one ever wanted to talk about it so after my cousin’s father and grandparents passed on, there was no one who knew the actual story. So, being the Nancy Drew type, I’ve been searching for the answers…. and boy have I found some!

The story is true. I’m still working on putting my findings together but what is an indisputable fact is that about supper time on May 16, 1941, Johnson W. Agrue, his wife Nina, their two sons, William and Leo Agrue and their 12-year-old granddaughter, Mary Elizabeth BREEDEN, were all found shot to death at point blank range. Five lives taken in less than 30 minutes… with dinner still on the stove.

There are lots of twists and turns in this story. Blurred relationships and scandals. As I’ve said, we all have skeletons. The hunt for the answers and consequently trial, made Dearborn history. It made Indiana history.

Stay tune for more….


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